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About Us

Originally founded in a Taipei-based knitting atelier, At the Venue is an integrated multi-designer knitwear concept with an ethos rooted in innovation, fully traceable production processes, and a commitment to letting our designers’ imaginations run free.

We are named for one of our core values: the creators we work with are all encouraged to design and produce their garments in-house. At any given time, At the Venue’s three global workshops, in Taiwan, southern China, and New York City’s own Garment District are working to foster the diverse creative visions of different designers.

Our designers work on-site in a collaborative, stimulating environment that emphasizes the constructive integration of design and production. And whether they come from a background in social media, handicrafts, or the fashion industry, all the creatives we work with share a common goal, to create beautiful staple garments, accessories, and household items unlike anything else on the market.

In addition, chief among our designers’ values is a demonstrable commitment to sustainable production practices. Our fabrics are woven in CO2-neutral facilities. Our yarns are fully traceable. Our zero-waste packaging commitment means orders are shipped in material that is fully compostable. Many of our creators specialize in one-of-a-kind items made from offcuts, the smaller pieces of material left over from industrial garment-making processes which otherwise end up in the waste stream.

The result are timeless pieces that range from versatile and easygoing to romantically fashion-forward. They share one thing in common: the creative wellspring of At the Venue, which began as a workshop producing knitwear for the industry’s biggest names during Fashion Week. Today, we have evolved into a community spirited design incubator helping Taiwanese designers produce the knitwear of their dreams.

Our Factories

One of our own factories is located in New York City's Garment District

We create 60% of our collection in the United States, and we carefully select suppliers to keep up with demand as we continue to expand. Our factories are in the US, located in New York City, Taipei, Taiwan, and South China.

We are programming the design into the knitting machine

We are programming the design into the knitting machine

We are knitting according to the designer's instructions

We are knitting according to the designer's instructions

We are sewing the cloth and link them together