We are concerned about being a social and environmentally conscious brand

We put thought and care into how we produce our garments and run our company. This is our six-point plan for environmental protection, human empowerment, and community support. We're making significant progress, but we realize there's always more that can be done.

Fairtrade connects the world

We work with factories and businesses in the United States and China that pay people fairly.

No child labor or exploitation

and we ensure that all our garments are made in working environments that are healthy and safe.

We believe in empowering women

and collaborate with other companies who share our values.  Our US factory is run by mother-leaders that employ over 40 women.

We are decreasing our environmental effect

throughout the process, from design to delivery. We design clothing to last and promote a buy-better, buy-less philosophy.

Our packaging is made of recyclable materials

It's long-lasting and ready to use again.

Respect, consideration, and kindness

It is, and always will be, at the heart of our brand.

We're proud to support World Vision

Every time we sell an item, we donate 1% to the World Vision International Organization, a humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting children, families and communities worldwide to realize their full protection by addressing poverty and injustice. World Vision works alongside the needy and oppressed, helping individuals of all faiths, races, ethnicities and genders.

We're proud to support World Vision